Distribution Partners

Ravago Manufacturing main distribution partners:


Ravago Resale-Pegasus is a Ravago’s international trading business unit that deploys its market intelligence as a tool to respond to the fast moving dynamics of both global and local markets. Through the network of international offices in America, EMEA and Asia, Ravago Resale-Pegasus provides added values to suppliers and customers worldwide. Our broad product portfolio includes plastics, natural and synthetic rubbers and chemicals. More specifically, Ravago Resale-Pegasus offers generic and branded prime, off grades and recycled plastic resins and rubber products.




RESINEX is a PAN-European distribution company with a leading position in the plastics and rubbers distribution market in the whole of Europe and Turkey. Resinex is the only polymer supplier covering all European countries, Turkey and FSU with a broad network of sales offices and local warehouses combined with a central logistic department and warehouse in Belgium. Resinex’s mission is to provide a reliable distribution service for thermoplastic and rubber raw materials, based on quality of service to our customers and suppliers, which is reliable and technically proficient. To conduct this business ethically in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers and stewardship with our staff.

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With offices and warehouses in most of the European countries, Turkey and South Africa, Ultrapolymers established a commercial network with a local presence to serve its customers and 
 suppliers in the best possible way. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of raw materials covering commodities, engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and synthetic rubbers. As a leading polymer distributor, Ultrapolymers provides a high quality service to its customers from design to production.