"Don’t try to be the best.

Try to work with the best."

- Raf Van Gorp, founder


Our Mission

At Ravago we define our mission as a sustainable service. We provide a superior distribution, resale, compounding and recycling service for plastic and elastomeric raw materials. The service to our customers is reliable and technically proficient. Ravago conducts this business ethically in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers and stewardship with our staff.

The values that define us

Our values are well-thought-out principles that define who we are, what we stand for and how we want to be perceived. These four values are intrinsically present across the Ravago family.


Ravago’s entrepreneurial value is based on the opportunity for each employee to create value for the company. Employees should be able to take initiative and go beyond their assigned scope of work to improve their professional environment, and they should feel empowered to do so. For entrepreneurship to work, failures should be viewed as learning opportunities that eventually result in best practices for the group. We only fail if we don’t try. Our entrepreneurial spirit is one of the key drivers for Ravago’s growth ; pushing our boundaries and challenging the status quo allows us to stay on top of our game.


As a private company, Ravago is able to be agile and make decisions fast, but this should not compromise our unbiased structure and professional attitude towards colleagues and partners. At the employee level, professionalism implies holding yourself accountable for your actions, words and thoughts. It means keeping your word and being trusted because of it, being responsive, and getting the job done – but never jeopardizing your moral compass along the way. As Ravago’s representatives, your professionalism is the foundation of the company’s credibility.


Ravago’s human focus involves a respectful and thoughtful approach toward people, both internally (toward all our wonderful colleagues) and externally (toward our business partners and our communities). Every single employee contributes to creating a trusted and collaborative environment that incorporates ethical behavior, caring for each other’s well-being, and respect for all aspects of diversity. The personal approach toward employees and other stakeholders enables the longterm relationships on which the company is built.


Humility at Ravago is based on two interconnected principles : external modesty and internal pride. Ravago’s below-the-radar strategy is not only a personal choice of our family shareholder, but also a strategic necessity. Ravago’s business model is based on partnerships (with suppliers, customers, financial institutions, etc.) and pretentious behavior could easily put off our partners. In this respect, we encourage everyone to welcome others’ opinions and perspectives, and not put themselves above others. However, modesty should not prevent us from being proud of what we do and achieve. Good efforts, successes and internal initiatives should always be recognized.