A Ravago Group division

When Raf Van Gorp founded Ravago in 1961, he was given the opportunity to buy the premises of a dynamite company in Arendonk, Belgium. This enabled him to work out the luminous idea he had: recycling production waste from the plastics producing petrochemical companies.  From there, the company grew into a successful service provider to the petrochemical industry as a distributor and reseller of plastic resins. Diversification towards production and distribution of building products guaranteed a second revenue line in Europe.

Today, the Ravago Group is the number one service provider in the global market of plastics, rubber and chemicals.  As an international company, Ravago Group currently has more than 200 subsidiaries located in about 50 countries, and supply over 4 million metric tons of polymers to more than 40,000 active buying customers. Our worldwide knowledge and our people are the keys to our unique strengths and leading position.

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