Highest Product Quality

Our wide portfolio of different products can cover almost every need in different sectors like automotive, furniture, construction etc. But it is not only the large variety that makes Ravago Manufacturing unique; most importantly it is the quality of what we offer. Our state-of-art laboratories throughout all the production plants assure that the quality of our materials meet every defined specification and fulfill the actual need of the end customer.

The extensive quality control during the production and the complete characterization of the end product gives us the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with our customers, as we make sure that every step of the process is well defined and controlled. The same attention that we give to our finished products is also evident for the control of the incoming raw materials that we use; prime or industrial quality.


ISO certified


Apart from the quality of our products, Ravago Manufacturing works hard on maintaining also a high level of quality on the systematic and the processes. All production plants are working under ISO certified criteria and according to the local needs, different ISO certifications apply. The European Quality team assures the standardization of the systems for all plants.

As new regulations apply to all chemical components in Europe, Ravago Manufacturing provides an excellent service with the regulatory team. Experts on all different EU normative will make sure that all customers’ concerns and questions will be dealt with. REACH, RoHS, CLP and all other regulations are taken very seriously in Ravago and all actions are in place in order to comply with these rules.


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