We offer a wide range of PBT and PBT/PET compounds under the Enester brand name. These compounds offer excellent dimensional stability under heat, making them a good choice for applications requiring strength and low moisture absorption.

A variety of fillers and additives can be used to reach the desired properties, including glass fibres, glass beads, minerals, impact modifiers and halogen/halogen-free flame retardants. Besides standard products, we design our PBT and PBT/PET compounds according to the needs of our customer’s specific requirements.

We now also offer the Enester Eco range of partially and fully recycled PBT and PBT/PET compounds.

Typical applications include appliances, automotive and E&E applications.

Enester PBT compounds provide:
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Low water absorption
• Rigidity & strength
• Good chemical resistance
• Long-term heat resistance

The following options are also available:
• UV resistance
• High heat resistance
• Flame retardant options (halogenated/halogen free)
• Pre-coloured & laser-marking
• Hybrid grades