Utilising only prime raw materials with the best combination of PP base and a wide variety of different stabilisations. With the experience that Ravago provides and the experts on plastic solutions, this brand of prime quality materials can serve many different applications independent of colours, specifications and needs. Wide portfolio of many different characteristics, Scolefin® is the prime PP compound that will fulfill all customers’ needs.

Prime Scolefin® PP compounds provide:

  • Excellent surface finish
  • Scratch resistance compounds
  • Low odour and fogging
  • Optimised mechanical properties
  • Easy flow
  • UV resistance
  • Long term thermal stability
  • Colour matched on request
Download our product brochures:
Brochure Scolefin® - Ravaplen®
Brochure Scolefin® General Purpose
Brochure Scolefin® Automotive