Ravamid® is Ravago’s recycled polyamide brand containing up to 100% recycled content from post-industrial feedstocks. Thanks to its excellent mechanical and thermal properties, the Ravamid® series can be used in a broad range of applications.

Ravamid® PA66 and PA6 compounds are designed for injection molding applications. The portfolio contains a wide range of grades from unfilled up to 50% glass fiber filled, with mineral and glass bead filled options also available. Grades are also available with enhanced performance characteristics such as heat stabilization, UV resistance and impact modification.

Typical applications for Ravamid® compounds include non-visible automotive parts, general industrial applications and household goods.

These products are ECO compliant which means they comply with ISO 14021:2016. This is standard used to voluntarily claim the environmental performance of products and ensures that specific requirements are met and verification methodology is consistent.